GG Alcock, Author of KasiNomics, Third World Child & Kasinomic Revolution was raised in a mud hut by his activist parnet in Masinga, KwaZulu-Natal. Zulu reared and break, GG learnt the essence of how to survive in a harsh world – valuable skills that have undoubtedly contributed to GG’s success as an entrepreneur.

GG Alcock has been at times a shebeen owner, political activist, community worker and African adventurer. Fluent in Zulu and conversant in most South African Languages, GG founded Minanawe Marketing in 1999, and today is a well-known author and marketing strategist.

GG is a regular contributor and speaker on a range of topics ranging from motivational to trend talks on entrepreneurship, the informal market, diversity & culture in our society, marketing communications to the mass market and route to market strategies for the informal sector.


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